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Creation: 2020-06-03 17:38:38
Update: none

Hello everyone.

The site has a new modification. Its name is "Collector Mode". You can collect, buy and sell images as a collector like in real life.


How to collect an image?

Each image has an original price - 900 Pt. If you have enough Pt. in your account, then you can add this image to your collection.

How to collect an image that has an owner?

You can collect an image when the owner wants to sell it. He can set any value for sale.

How to get Pt.?

Pt. is accrued for viewing images on the site. The viewing time is considered. 1 second = 1pt. Time counter saved every 5 seconds. One image can be viewed no more than one minute at a time. In other words, for a single image, you can get no more than 60tp. in one session.

What's the point?

This modification was made for many reasons. First of all. This will allow you and me to evaluate each image. The higher the price, the more interest in this image. Secondly. The more users spend time viewing images, the more Google will value this site. This will increase it in the ranking. And will make the site more visited. Now see 300 people a day on the site. I think we deserve more.

Works without authorization?


Where can I see my collection, and a collection of other users?

Each user in their personal profile has a link "My collector page"

What is 'Pt.' ?

Pt. - is virtual value. 1 Pt. equals 1 Second.

What is a 'Debit'?

This is the number of Pt. that you received from viewing images.

What is a 'Credit'?

This is the number of Pt. that I presented to the user for his services.

What is 'From sale'?

The number of Pt. that you received from the selled image.



PartiZan, likeakitty, metermann, TryLeute, latexlip, LatexMature44, Aleks

As a reward I give each user 6000 Pt.

Mocking - 500000 Pt. (thanks for uploading a large number of images)


PS 2.

If you uploaded images without description, tell me which images you uploaded. I will give a reward.


Update 05.05.20

Now considered the time of viewing the album.

Creation: 2020-07-29 10:44:10
Update: none

Don't try farming Cr. from many browser windows!

The system records the time from only single active window :-)

PartiZan, you abuse this bug (you open many windows with albums). Now i fixed it.

Creation: 2020-12-15 16:38:19
Update: none

Hey, thats an interesting system. I like it!

But how do you prevent image duplicates ? ... because i already found one.

Creation: 2020-12-16 20:40:04
Update: none


The site has a duplicate search system. But there are two problems.

1. The system appeared in May 2020. Before its implementation, many duplicate photos were uploaded to the site. These duplicates cannot be deleted. These are the site restrictions.

2. The system does not work efficiently enough. When uploading new images, it does not always find duplicates. For this reason, there are now duplicates on the site.

I do not know how to complete solve this problem.

Creation: 2020-12-20 02:42:22
Update: none

If deleting a dublicate image is impossible then maybe just hide it? Or blend it like the once that got reported by copyright claim..

Creation: 2020-12-24 09:07:57
Update: none

I will definitely solve this problem. But this takes time.

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