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25-10-2019 19:05
About video sway in Red.
Thanks for upload. But site cannot host video
28-09-2019 10:42
27-09-2019 23:52
up loaded some more Bianca Beauchamp
26-09-2019 19:46
up loaded some more Eri Kitami.
25-09-2019 21:19
I posted most of what was uploaded to the site.
24-09-2019 12:25
Hey. Thank!
I see that there are new photos. And a lot of them gathered. But I don’t have the opportunity to publish them yet.
I'm sorry.
22-09-2019 21:23
Up loaded another set of Markissa Moore an Starfucked
19-09-2019 07:09
I will be grateful if you upload Markissa Moore and Alexandra Potter.

" The maid set (#289 Maid dress outdoor ) is not a duplicate."
Sorry. I have this set. But is not uploaded.
18-09-2019 22:20
The maid set (#289 Maid dress outdoor ) is not a duplicate.
UPLOADED, Lara Larson in Santanyi, an Misc images (names unknown)
Do you a way to upload more images at once, i have another 45 sets of Markissa Moore, 90+ of Alexandra Potter an a lot of Princess Fatale
18-09-2019 07:46
Before uploading, you need to verify that this is not a duplicate.
Latex in the summer -
Wearing the cutest of maid outfits -

I will publish only "004 Dresscode of the future"
18-09-2019 03:24
Uploaded Alexandra Potter #189 - Latex in the summer an #289 Maid dress outdoor
Markissa Moore #004 Dresscode of the future
30-07-2019 22:30
Today was be a mega upload! Thank! I will post photos for many days :)
28-07-2019 11:40
Dear friend who recently uploaded a lot of photos (Eri Kitami, etc). Thank. I will definitely upload them to the site. But it will be later.
Thank you for your efforts!
Do not forget that all uploaded photos pass my moderation before publication. Many do not pass it. And if after the publication of your photos, I am somehow absent from the album, it means that they do not fit this site.
19-07-2019 22:53
Thanks for upload japanese girl with motorbike! Good shots.
But she in spandex. Not latex.

Attached files:
19-07-2019 22:51
How are you?
Where you disappeared?
18-07-2019 03:15
14-05-2019 20:42
11-05-2019 15:35
Thanks for new SWAY and Carrie uploads!
11-05-2019 11:18
I always search in web interesting photos. If you have something interesting with latex (not porno), i will be grateful you, if you upload their.
All photos before publication on site, pass my moderation.
11-05-2019 10:19
Need more photos? I have a huge collection of fetish photos, Are you interested only in latex?
10-05-2019 23:44
Thank you for uploading the unique sets (Sway, HighGlossDolls, etc), but I sorted out half of the photos.
01-05-2019 23:16
Thank for upload "Chen Ya Man" and "Latex veronica", but I will not upload photos to the site.
Latex veronica - Too dirty model and photo set
Chen Ya Man - Good asian photo model, but bad latex model. She cute, but not sexy in latex. Folds on latex suit is not good.

Attached files:
24-04-2019 23:57
18-03-2019 19:58
Thanks for Bioshock cosplay!
18-03-2019 11:53
Thanks for Starfucked sets!
16-03-2019 08:24
Thanks for "Latex Ballet training"!
03-03-2019 20:05
I got some pictures from you. But they do not follow the rules of this site. I will publish only a girl on a motorcycle.
02-03-2019 23:29
02-03-2019 17:12
Why you not use upload form?
01-03-2019 22:58
10-02-2019 21:46
08-01-2019 19:13
This tastes.
She not latex model. Yes, she have a couple album in latex, but they not like for me.
07-01-2019 23:44
01-01-2019 12:33
I see. I added these names
01-01-2019 04:34
I posted 3 names, albums are more difficult for me. I will check other models names.
31-12-2018 13:50
Help me if you can.
I can not always find the name of the album, or the name of the model.
31-12-2018 12:47
I don't think it's to hard to find models names, so that should be important.
24-12-2018 00:11
Over the past week I have received many new uploads. Thank you all!
18-12-2018 19:12
I am wery glad =)))
18-12-2018 17:40
Dear member from Uzbekistan =)
Thank for your mega upload! Need to sort a lot images. But yes, you a have interesting photos.
17-12-2018 21:41
First half of last upload from member now on site. Other half in attached archive.
Photos or not have latex, or low resolution of images.

Attached files:
12-12-2018 20:28
25-11-2018 12:20
Hello everybody!
Faerqur offered to create a list of rejected photos, which been uploaded from 'Free upload form'. He was right. Now i will create posts with attached photos, which not positive moderation.
If you upload photos, and they don't appear on this site, sorry for that, but they are for other sites.

Dear friend, who uploaded one photo with Gia Felino. I added your image to 'LatexPeriment Collection 2'.

Attached files:
23-11-2018 23:42
Added 2 photos in "Susan Wayland Collection"
12-11-2018 23:39
"Delicious rubber curves" already exist in albums :)
03-11-2018 14:11
Thanks to everyone who helps to find content!
Unknown member from japan uploaded "Princess Fatale".
And another member from Russian Federation uploaded "Marilyn Yusuf".
From Germany uploaded "Starfucked".
05-10-2018 23:14
Hello! :)
Really big question...
I understand you. Let's try to explain...

General idea of your question is - "Where my border?". Yes?
Simple answer - sex, bondage, toys, masks and even naked tits. Is cross out the border. 99% of photos on this site is a good example of this idea. I really thought it a would be clear.

Now lets trying give answers step by step:
* Catwoman in snow.
Amateur work. Good for personal using, but not enough for this site. This photos just not interesing for my.
* About photo from "Reflective Desire".
Album "Internet Collection" is on the border. Don't take it as an example. This album exist for update the site. If site long does not receive new content, web searching mashines (like Google), weel be ignored it.
* About Violet-Spider/Anastasia Volodina.
This photoset is frightful :-) See for yourself
When the studio was just starting, and their work was not very good. But now they are great.
* Sebastian Cauchos...
The same reason like as "Catwoman in snow".

*Nope. Just nope...

* Amateur and dirty -

* May be has the right. But mediocre -

* May be Anastatia has the right to be here. But she has very few good photos -

* Also may be entitled to be here. But also has a little photo.

* This are dirty -

quote: Or do you also mind that you label the galleries with models and studios and a studio might be overall to much pornography? Even though the inappropriate photos wouldn't be here, you wouldn't like the appropriate ones here as well.
- I not understund this point.

quote: It'd be cool to make some list of things what was dismissed already so people don't have to go through all forum posts. Also, I'll try to upload some galleries and perhaps some collection of singular photos which I think are above others.

This list no such yet. My objective is simply to explain what should not be on this site.

To summarize it:
Uploaded photo/album/set must be:
1. to be nice. Photos should preferably be taken with a professional model and professional photographer.
2. If is amateur photo, then the photo must have something unique. Something interesting.

Photos will be rejected if have: porn, bondage, toys, sex, masks, vulgarly ,naked body and low resolution/quality of image.

We have to be in the middle between an open society and an underground.
05-10-2018 02:06

Sorry for the general links to Google, it wasn't point to just point at some Google searches, I don't have galleries at hand now, I actually have some, but organizing of folders is due ...

Well, I actually get what are you trying to achieve, I also feel various degrees of artsiness and dirtiness of myriads photos I've seen. I'm just not sure where your bar is since you dismissed all links (Do you mean all/every photo in them?). Can I ask one quick question (because it's kinda probable), have you known all the photos/models beforehand and seen nothing new?

Back to your bar so I can better understand what's problematic:

* The catwoman in snow ... was it just the level of professionality of taken photos? Does even partial covering of face bring the value down a lot in your eyes? The bondage/dirtiness/pornography level is on par with things which are here.
* I saw a photo from Reflective Desire in the Internet Collection album; what about photos with a neko helmet from Reflective Desire are they too much or aren't?
* I saw in a different thread that you didn't like photos of Violet-Spider/Anastasia Volodina from someone else. Provided I haven't seen them, did they have a small resolution or what's wrong with them? If it's the latter could you just focus on the photos where she wears the skirt with a card suit and describe it to me, because imho that goes to the first tier of what can be seen on the Internet.
* What do you actually dislike in photos from Sebastian Cauchos?

Or do you also mind that you label the galleries with models and studios and a studio might be overall to much pornography? Even though the inappropriate photos wouldn't be here, you wouldn't like the appropriate ones here as well.

To summarize it, I know that almost all photos on the Internet is a trash for the purposes of this website. When I said above I've seen myriads, I meant it nominally (i.e. 10000s) so I get you. However, I'm not sure if you get me, I wasn't just spamming links. I was recollecting what I've seen and cherry-picking and then searching for it again so I could post it here. Basically, they're my top tier, well I can tell now some are too much porno according to you, but not so much lazy, uninteresting and so on... So I would appreciate if you could particularly address the links what is wrong with each of them (I admit that some Google links have noise and some may not point exactly to the best thing, let me just know), because I wasn't just spamming them.

Well thanks in advance.

It'd be cool to make some list of things what was dismissed already so people don't have to go through all forum posts. Also, I'll try to upload some galleries and perhaps some collection of singular photos which I think are above others.
29-09-2018 10:54
Hello Faerqur! Sorry for late answer. I needed time for explanation.
Look. I know that Google is exists :) and i know where can to get more latex pics. But this site was not created to be archive, storage or database of all latex. 99% images from internet is a trash. They lazy, dirty, uninteresting and too much porno. I conceived this project to collect more unique images, in which there is more than just sex or fetish. The best examples of this idea are the latexperiment and andromedalatex studios. They uniquely create a fetish content. But they have something more, and at the same time they do not cross the line, after which pornography begins. Latex Art collect exactly such content. That is why this project have name "Latex Art", and not "Latex dirty fetish girls".
Thanks for your help. But i hope you understood why this links do not fall into this site.
27-09-2018 03:49
Photos from Belinda Bärtzner:ärtzner
27-09-2018 02:20
Photos from Sebastian Cauchos:
Ancilla Tilia:
Photos from Malkiss:
Robot Butler & Maid: one sometimes stumbles upon a photo where normal people wear this very clothing
Anastasia Volodina (& Morniel):
Markissa Moore:

These two galleries are nice:
(Not sure if it fits this site, but selections should possible.)

Catwoman in snow: (probably not all pictures:

I'm done for now, perhaps I will recollect some other exquisite galleries/models in the future. (Check Sinteque more thoroughly out.)
02-06-2018 15:23
If you known models, which are not on this site, write urls in this topic, to help me. If their content is good, then it will be added.
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