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Important! Future of this site!

01-10-2019 17:34
I received the text of the complaint.
The owner of the domain massively violates my copyright and the international law. I request a full takedown of the domain and it’s website. I’m the owner, photographer and copyright holder of and The content under the domain belongs to me, got illegal published and was stolen due to a hack of my websites.
This is a DMCA request to take down the website with all its content and the domain.

Raymond K. Larum

1. It slander. I dont hacked your sites. Everything that was published on this site was found on the Internet, or was uploaded by user of my site.
2. Your sites developed on 'WordPress' cms engine. This cms has big security issues. You should change cms engine.
3. 'I request a full takedown of the domain and it’s website.' Really? Full takedown? Domain and it’s website? Do you own all the content on this site? Nope...
Good luck Raymond K. Larum!
29-09-2019 13:29
Greetings to the community of my site! It is time for us to talk.
My name is Sergi. I am the creator of this site. And the other day a complaint was received on my site, which I want to tell about.

And I created this site in order to show the world that latex is not only a heavy bdsm fetish. But also the fact that girls in latex suits can be cute and very beautiful. I collect photos that have been found on the Internet in the public domain and publish them on my website. I do not steal these images. I always write authors of photographs (model name, links on the sites etc.).
My site is not commercial. I do not make any money on it. In addition, I spend money on server and domain services.
Yes. The site has a link "where you can buy." But this is not an advertisement. This is a gesture of goodwill.

On my site is a lot content from studio They have great models and photosets. They are the epitome of what I mean by "Latex Art". I really like them. And I know that posting their content on my site is not entirely legal, because they are the owners of the photos and make money on these photos. That is why I tried to give as many references as possible to the 'latexperiment' studio and to its models. I really want to popularize them! Half of my site is dedicated to them.

Now I will tell the essence of the problem.
A week ago, my site received a complaint. The author of the complaint is Raymond K. Larum.
I did not see the text of his letter (my hosting did not give it to me), but most likely it requires the removal of photos owned by him.
By law he is right. But why delete them?

Raymond! You are a wonderful photographer! You do what others cannot. You make 'latex art'. There are a lot of your fans on this site. We enjoy your work. And we thank you for that! But why are you trying to close us?
 All the Internet has millions of copies of your photos on porn sites. They everywhere! Porn sites make money by showing ads along with your beautiful photosets. Why are you fighting with us, and not with them? You strangle your fans!
What's the point?

I offer you cooperation.
Maybe I will better advertise you? I will give more links to your site. Or i can put a your banner on my homepage?
What do you say about it?
Tell me what you want.

Raymond, you know the story 'Metallica vs Napster'?,_Inc.

I will send a link to this post to Raymond. He will see if he answers.
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